Excerpt from Blue Shield Grandfathered Evidence of Coverage
Excerpt from Blue Shield Grandfathered Evidence of Coverage Click to enlarge

Dental For Everyone

Dental For Everyone, has an excellent  website with full brochures, online quoting and enrollment 

4 comments on “Provider Finder for Mental Health

  1. I am a certified provider of mental health services through Magellan.

    Please tell me where blue shield and blue cross fit in this.

    I am a licensed psychologist in California near San Luis Obispo.


    Wendy Meier PsyD

  2. Dear Mr. Shorr:

    I found your name on a site regarding independent practitioner associations.

    I am a LCSW in Sacramento and am trying to become a Blue Shield 65 Advantage Plus HMO provider. I am currently a Blue Shield of California PPO Provider. I need to become an HMO provider. I am looking for an application.

    I understand from Blue Shield that I need to join an independent practitioner association.

    If you have any information on this process, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    Pamela H. Hartvig, LCSW

    • Try this link on Blue Shields website, it says it’s everything you neeed.


      To join our networks, you will need to be affiliated with an Independent Practice Association (IPA) or medical group that is contracted with Blue Shield. Otherwise, you will need to sign a direct contract with Blue Shield.

      Use their provider finder to find an IPA or Medical Group in your area. Instructions on how to set the parameters.

      This is what I found…

      If your Medical Group or Independent Practice Association (IPA) is listed below, mental health services are available through Blue Shield’s mental health network.

      Hill Physicians Sacramento Primed Inc. – BSC Administered
      Lake Arrowhead BSC Administered
      Mercy Medical Group – BSC Administered

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